The Front Line Manager  was created in 1993. It has run successfully since then in Buckinghamshire, Essex, Berkshire and Greater Manchester as an open programme, involving a wide cross section of client companies.

It is a modular course requiring attendance on a monthly basis and is aimed at individuals and groups in organizations who find themselves in leadership roles, perhaps with responsibility for other people. There is no requirement for delegates to have had structured training or personal development prior to this course and since the material we work with is for many people a reminder of something they already know, the Front Line Manager  is applicable and relevant to all levels of manager.

It offers a unique combination of personal and management development. Using a core framework of management skills centred on coaching, we encourage participants to try out new ways of being, in a safe environment.

We create a highly interactive learning space that enables participants to step above their day to day issues and invest quality time in review and reflection, learning from structured activities, open discussion and feedback. In this way they learn practical, pragmatic strategies they can then apply to the difficulties they face back in the workplace.

We put particular emphasis on the creation of effective, productive and rewarding relationships built on trust, respect and understanding. We model this concept throughout the course and demonstrate how important it is to anyone performing a management role.

Our facilitators have extensive and varied hands-on experience in line management and leadership roles and we are fully dedicated to setting the highest professional standards. We address real issues brought by delegates themselves and encourage them to look at alternative behaviours and approaches which will bring them a different and more productive outcome.


Thom Dennis currently runs the FRONT LINE MANAGER course in Bray, Berkshire (along with Jenny Mouncer and Sue Dod).  The course has its own website for the UK,

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